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About Evidens

Evidens specialises in providing professional analysis and strategic advice to both private and public sector stakeholders within the Nordic property market.



We have over 375 unique clients. Housing developers and real estate companies are the largest customer groups among our client-base.

2 500+

Completed assignments

Every year Evidens completes approximately 200 assignments, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.


Years as a consultancy

Evidens was established 16 years ago and has been growing steadily ever since. We currently have six business services areas, as well as a sister company, Evimetrix.

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We are Evidens

We find solutions to your questions that are based on factual data, external factors and historical events. Then we refine and process facts with the help of our databases and forecast models. Everything we do is evidence-based. We always have a holistic perspective, we put things in context and we look for a connection between cause and effect. Our goal is always to understand the whole picture and to convey that picture to our clients.

We contribute to the development of society

Our goal is to be a source of knowledge and expertise that helps shape the society. We want to provide answers to society's most central questions, as well as provide analysis tools that contribute to positive and attractive societal development. Our employees’ abilities are important - and they can be used in the best way in crucial issues for people, companies and institutions.

We solve your complex questions

Evidens helps active stakeholders in the real estate industry with analysis and strategic advice. Based on facts and well-established knowledge, we provide insights and recommendations for more rational decisions. We can also assist your organisation with practical support for strategic changes.

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Tailor-made solutions and personal contact

All assignments are unique, therefore the solutions that we provide our clients are tailored to address specific needs. We value personal contact with our clients highly, and that the team assigned for the task has the right competence to answer your specific questions. We are available to answer your questions before, during and after the assignment.

Our services

Based on empirical evidence and our accumulated knowledge, we produce an unbiased result for our clients, to assist them in making strategic and sustainable decisions regarding the Nordic housing market. We have six business services areas.

Market analysis

Evidens’ market analyses are created for understanding which variables and conditions that makes a region, a municipality, a neighbourhood, or a specific property attractive. The attractiveness of an area is determined by identifying the current willingness to pay of companies and households within that area, and how that willingness to pay changes over time. With this knowledge, all of our customers can make wiser investment decisions with regards to expected property rents and sales information.

Evidens Online

Evidens Online is the digital version of Evidens. Evidens Online is easy to use and offers high flexibility, which makes it the perfect product for both large and small customers alike. With Evidens Online, a client can complete their own detailed analyses, using our powerful analysis tools and by leveraging our extensive databases. The clients get access to a very comprehensive ecosystem of data. The analysis is based on maps where data, diagrams and tables are easily filtered out and can be adapted to the customers’ individual needs. Evidens Online can facilitate a quick and efficient answer to important questions concerning both the local housing market and individual housing development projects.

Urban Property Development

Using a proven and efficient process, we help our customers to systematically develop a strategy and a business plan for the development of an area, a neighbourhood or an individual property. Since knowledge of economic conditions facilitates the decision, we undergo a comprehensive market analysis to identify revenue potential (i.e. rents or unit sales prices), investment requirements, as well as a reasonable time frame, in order to formulate economically realistic development options.

Strategy and Business Development

All stakeholders in the planning process have goals and require a development strategy in order to overcome challenges to realise those goals. Our approach integrates proven analyses and empirical facts, as well as Evidens’s own client experience within the industry. The result is sustainable and effective strategies and business plans. Our clients include both private and public real estate companies, housing developers, Swedish and international investors, as well as other public companies and organisations.

Business Organisational Development

Even with well-defined objectives and strategies, it can still be a challenge for an organisation to find the right methods, tools and processes to achieve their goals. Evidens focuses on how an organisation can work more efficiently, which often includes supporting and coaching management teams, project teams as well as individuals. Another key component of business development is to improve the clients’ understanding of the needs and requirements of their customers, or the needs of their own employees. To measure this, qualified customer surveys with statistically reliable results are required. Evidens, with the help of sister company Evimetrix, have developed advanced methods and models to conduct quantitative customer analysis. These models identify and measure the strengths and weaknesses of a company, product or service, while also providing a clear understanding of which improvement efforts should be prioritised in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Think tank

Foreign and domestic changes pose continuous demands for policy development and political lobbying. On behalf of various government offices, industry associations and individual companies, Evidens works as both a “Think Tank” and as a policy developer. Think Tank is fundamentally about identifying and prioritising conflicting goals, as well as developing tools to meet new conditions and to contribute to a better society. Think Tank sets itself apart from other Evidens business services in the sense that the results are open source and public reports.

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